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Boosting the revenue

Generates Up To 3x More Revenue

Your sales plan should include timely customer outreach, from identifying and nurturing leads to upselling to current clients. Automate these processes for better customer responsiveness, and lower the cost. Also, drive revenue by running efficient campaigns at every stage of the customer experience.

Take Your Pipeline To The Next Level

“According to McKinsey, firms using AI in sales increased leads and appointments by more than 50% , cut costs by 40% to 60% , and call time by 60%-70% .”

Through our Virtual Assistant you can automate and customize sales operations.

Boosting the sales pipeline
Rapidly scale up and down the call volumes

Rapidly Scale Up And Down

Regardless of call volumes, our automation solution enables you to provide round the clock customer service without any wait times.

Increase the number and frequency of concurrent calls-for example, instant lead qualification-without expanding your agent's workforce or incurring overheads. Accelerate your voice-led sales processes with Voice AI for rapid results and constant improvement.

Smarter Routing And Lead Conversion

Our Voice AI are the automated programmes that operate for you 24 hours / day, delivering qualified leads when they are active on your site and initiating dialogues and enquiries.

“According to a Gartner report, using AI in sales can increase conversion rates by 30% when generating and closing leads.”

Your Questions Answered

Voice AI is being used across industries to reduce operational costs and save money by automating agents’ repetitive tasks. No matter your industry, a well-designed and trained AI model can be used to save expenses and increase revenue.

AI ensures the right lead goes to the right agent – the one who can best engage with and nurture them. This powerful way of routing and matching leads means reps can be more productive and concentrate their energies and expertise on the leads they are most likely to convert, cross-sell, up-sell, and secure for repeat busines

AI in sales can assist, manage and predict customer behavior, identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities, automate repetitive tasks, and improve forecasting accuracy. AI in sales ultimately aims to increase productivity and effectiveness while cutting expenses.